Business Growth Strategies (BGS) is a business management consultancy with a passion for OPTIMIZATION –the optimization of accounting, finances, strategy and operations for growing organizations.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Automation

The key to solid financial management, planning and reporting lies in the accuracy and efficiency of the underlying accounting and bookkeeping systems. BGS partners with growing organizations to implement, configure and fine-tune affordable, best-in-class systems, leading the way for efficiency, growth and optimization. BGS can work with your growing organization in the following capacities:

  • Configuration of existing accounting and bookkeeping systems.
  • Implementation of best-in-class automated accounting and bookkeeping systems (i.e. QuickBooks)
  • Review of accounting and bookkeeping policies and procedures
  • Automation of payroll, banking, inventory management, expense reporting, billing and collections, and accounts payable
  • General systems and process consulting
CFO Services

In large organizations, financial planning, analysis and forecasting is traditionally taken on by the role of a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Smaller organizations, however, despite having the same needs as their larger counterparts, often find that the investment in a full-time CFO is not a practical or financially plausible option. Through its best-in-class CFO Services, BGS provides growing organizations with a comprehensive solution for their financial management needs, partnering with them on a recurring, scheduled basis to offer the same value as a full-time CFO at only at a portion of the cost. Bookkeeping systems also further these services. Ongoing CFO functions are:

  • Comprehensive balance sheet analysis
  • Profitability assessment
  • Cash flow projections
  • Cost analysis
  • Forecasting and financial guidence
  • Debt financing consultation
  • Coordination with partners (i.e. bookkeepers, CPAs, attorneys, etc.)
Business Strategy Development

The development of a comprehensive business strategy is one of the most important facets of business optimization and is a key tool for growth and success. It provides a structured plan for the future of the business and guides owners in answering some of the most fundamental questions. BGS works closely with business owners to illuminate the path ahead by answering these questions:

  • What are the primary goals of this business and how can they be achieved?
  • What is our value proposition?
  • What are our primary strengths and weaknesses?
  • What is the future for this business in five, ten and twenty years?
  • Who are our primary competitors and what advantages do we have over them?
  • What is our succession strategy?
Exit Planning

One of the most important decisions a business owner can make is creating an exit strategy or succession plan for their enterprise. Proactive planning ensures an organization is in the right place when the time comes to transition the business, and helps to bring about the most positive economical outcome. At BGS we help buisness ownerslook to their future guiding them in the:

  • Positioning of a business for performance (to enhance exit strategy opportunities)
  • Development of a comprehensive exit plan or succession strategy
  • Preparation of transition documents and guidance through the transition process
Sales Strategy Development and Automation

Organizations that operate at optimum know that a clear, efficient and repeatable sales process, applied by sales representatives in a consistent, organized manner, is a key driver of growth and success. Coupled with software designed to automate parts of the sales process - thus eliminating certain time-consuming, manual practices - a truly effective sales strategy primes a business for heightened productivity and increased sales. At BGS, we offer organizations best-in-class guidance on the sales cycle, offering:

  • Development of an efficient and effective sales strategy
  • Implementation and training of sales process and automation software
Operations Consulting

Best-in-class technology, effective human resources processes and top-tier human capital are critical for any business to operate at optimum. At BGS, we work with growing organizations to review existing IT and HR capabilities and assess what steps they can take to optimize their workflow. Our services include:

Technology and Communications (CIO)
  • Analysis of suitability and security of data storage
  • Server virtualization strategy
  • Data and telecommunications access
  • Cloud computing and remote access
  • General technology consultation
Human Resources (HR)
  • Review of employee organizational structure, HR policies and procedures
  • Compensation analysis and benefits consultation
  • Guidance on incentive programs and workplace culture
General Business Coaching

Each business is unique, and in some cases, the issues you face as a business owner will not fall neatly into our primary service offerings. Perhaps you are looking for coaching on how to present to investors, or maybe you need an unbiased opinion on a one-off business problem. With over twenty-five years of experience in navigating a myriad of complex business issues, we are confident we can help steer you in the right direction.